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HOW TO REDEFINE YOUR VALUE IN THE ARTS INDUSTRY In this how-to I wrote for the Creative Independent, I offer tips for establishing your role as an artist, putting your work in context, and defining the overall meaning and value of what you make.

WRITING EXERCISES Use these questions to describe your art making in concrete terms.

SEEKING SUPPORT OUTLINE Use this outline the next time you apply for funding, a residency, or an open call for work.


Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts - New York City

Assets for Artists at MASS MoCA - North Adams, Massachusetts

Blueprint Projects - Waltham, Massachusetts

Latinx Project - Poughkeepsie, New York

WAGE - New York City

First Peoples Fund - Rapid City, South Dakota

Design Studio for Social Intervention - Boston


Local Project Art Space - New York City

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative - Pittsburgh

Decolonize This Place - New York City

The Church - Troy, New York

Paradice Palase - New York City

Goat Island - Chicago

Art Against Displacement - New York City

Material Girls - New York City

Ulises - Philadelphia

Chinatown Art Brigade - New York City


Jen Delos Reyes - Chicago

Ashley Janke - Milwaukee

LaTanya S. Autry - Jackson, Mississippi

Piney Wood Atlas - San Francisco

Bunny McKensie Mack - Johannesburg

Casey Droege - Pittsburgh

Sharon Louden - New York City



Common Field

Alliance of Artist Communities


Social Justice & Museums

Material Girls Crowdsourced Opportunities


“We Need to Talk About Social Practice” - by manuel arturo abreu

“Money, Ethics, Art: Can Museums Police Themselves?” - by Holland Cotter

“Art world inequities spark labour campaign by museum workers” - by Jillian Steinhauer

“Revisioning and setting boundaries in our artistic practices” - by Logan Cryer

“Artspeak and Audience: Language as Bridge or Barrier” - by Cara Ober

“‘But Can a Spirit Burn?’: Alternatives for Art Under Capital” - by Catherine Wagley

“Museum Resolution: Dismantle the Myth of Neutrality” - by Laura Raicovich

“Can Artists Organize? The Story of WAGE” - by Sarah Cowan

“The Whitney’s Dilemma” - by Carter Ratcliff

“How Mining the Museum Changed the Art World” - by Kerr Houston

“Are Art Museums Racist?” - by Maurice Berger

“The Possibility of Uncertainty” - by Diego del Valle Ríos

“Artists Gotta Eat - and Other Things We Forget To Remember” - by Tempestt Hazel

“Artwashing, or, Between Social Practice and Social Reproduction” by Magally Miranda and Kyle Lane-McKinley

“How to redefine your value in the arts industry” - by Frances Cathryn

“The Narrowing of Museum Imagination” - by Laura Raicovich

“A Tank on a Pedestal: Museums in an Age of Planetary Civil War” by Hito Steyerl


As Radical, As Mother, As Salad, As Shelter: What Should Art Institutions Do Now? - ed. by Jennifer Liese, Paper Monument

Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency and Cultural Production - ed. by Kareem Estefan, Carin Kuoni & Laura Raicovich, OR Books

Curatorial Activism: Towards an Ethics of Curating - by Maura Reilly, Thames & Hudson

What We Made: Conversations on Art and Social Cooperation - by Tom Finkelpearl, Duke University Press

The Art of Relevance - by Nina Simon, Museum 2.0

Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000–2015 - ed. by Jennifer Liese, Paper Monument

Education for Socially Engaged Art: A Materials and Techniques Handbook - by Pablo Helguera, Jorge Pinto Books

Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom - by bell hooks, Routledge

Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship - Claire Bishop, Verso

Are You Working Too Much? Post-Fordism, Precarity, and the Labor of Art - ed. by Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, and Anton Vidokle, e-flux

Art Handler magazine - ed. by Clynton Lowry


The Art People Podcast

Seeing Color

Art and Labor

Latinos Who Lunch