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Language is one of the most effective ways to express ourselves, and maybe the most complex.


It can uplift excluded voices or be a tool to keep them quiet.

So what does justice look like for those who have been silenced? As someone who lives with a mental illness complicated by trauma, it means reclaiming my voice to empower others. I also benefit from ways I am included in the conversation, so I use my place to help folks overcome traditional barriers to access and express themselves without shame.

Creating meaningful work is hard enough, before tackling how to communicate its importance to a world that doesn’t always see the value in it. I’m here to help. Using the skills and experience I’ve developed from nearly a decade working in publishing, nonprofits, and museums, I started wip projects to guide you through the process.

We’re all a work in progress. Let’s work on ourselves, together.

Photograph by Stephanie Alinsug.

Photograph by Stephanie Alinsug.


I work one-on-one with folks for free to shift how we define what it means to create valuable work in the world.

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I make these resources available in an effort to create value outside an industry built on exploitation and displacement.

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