seeing: artist Katie Ford


Catskill-based artist Katie Ford is one of those people who knows everybody and who everyone knows and likes. Each new artist or writer I meet in the Hudson Valley has worked alongside her or seen one of her installations, and readily praises the quality of her art as well as her gracious character.


Katie’s artistic project involves shaping spaces to reflect our inner selves and our connections to others. She is interested in how everyday objects play significant roles in our lived experiences, and reexamines traditionally functional materials to find greater meaning in them.


Katie recently installed a work composed mainly of hand-dyed silks in a small alcove at The Church in Troy, New York, as part of a group show by FOUR-D, a curatorial project by Grace Caiazza and Lizzy Chiappini. The diaphanous fabrics mirrored the colors of a stained-glass window in one corner of the room, and moved gently from a breeze through an empty windowframe in another.

You can learn more about Katie’s work and upcoming shows here.